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Yellow Superfeet

An elevated heel and biomechanical shape help to stabilize your foot and improve the energy transfer between you and your skates or pedals for greater power, control and comfort.


HIGH-DENSITY FOAM -  Closed-cell foam supports and cushions the foot for long-lasting comfort.
HEEL-TO-TOE PROFILE - The elevated heel increases the surface area in contact between your foot and the midsole.
VENTING SYSTEM - The vent holes line up with the perforations in most hockey skates improve air circulation and breathability.
ODOR-CONTROL COATING - All natural coating that eliminates 
STABILIZER CAP - The base of the insole that supports the rearfoot and provides structure and stability to the foam layer.
HEEL CUP - Helps position the heel to naturally absorb impact.

Insole Sizing

Superfeet sizing chart

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