May 09, 2017


Magda Boulet’s Summit Trail Mix Recipe

Marathoner and ultra-runner MAGDALENA BOULET knows a thing or two about needing to maintain energy—especially while out on the trails. In fact, Boulet incorporates long, steep hikes into her training, to help build and maintain her endurance. She created this trail ‘super’ mix to help her properly fuel for any trek. “Superfoods are what this trail mix is all about,” she says. “It’s filled with nutrients that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties to keep us healthy and running strong. It also tastes extra-delicious after hiking to the top of a summit; it’s a little sour, a little sweet, a little salty, a little spicy—and lots good for you.”

Mix some up for yourself, and fuel your next adventure.

Magda Boulet’s Summit Trail Mix


2 cups - salted, roasted almonds

2 cups - unsweetened tart dried cherries

1 cup - diced crystallized ginger

1 cup - bittersweet chocolate chips or chunks

To Make: Mix almonds, ginger, cherries, and chocolate chips in a bowl, and gently toss to combine. 

To Keep: Store in a glass jar to keep trail mix fresh for as long as possible.

April 07, 2017


Meet Hoka's Latest Retailer - Shoe Clinic Newmarket

We are stoked to have Shoe Clinic Newmarket on board as the latest HOKA ONE ONE stockist. Go in and meet the new owners and their team at their brand new location on broadway. Rueben and James Dolphin (former NZ Olympic Sprinter) have gone into business together and purchased Shoe Clinic Newmarket after more than 10 years wholesale experience in the footwear industry. Head into Shoe Clinic Newmarket to check out some of the new 2017 HOKA ONE ONE range.

 We sat down with Rueben briefly to ask him a few questions…

 What is your favourite thing about owning Shoe Clinic stores?

Helping people with their feet and fitness goals. 

What is your run style?


Who can help customers find the right shoe for them?

Myself (Rueben) or Zoe, who is a Personal Trainer and all round athlete.

 What is your favourite shoe?


All Hail HOKA One One!

To the team at Hoka One One New Zealand.  I wish to rave about these shoes because that is exactly what needs to be done.  They are quite simple brilliant!

Let me explain why I feel this way so that the many runners, be they road or trail, who read this review can relate and then indulge in what is the best shoe for the masses and not just for the elite runners.  I had started running like so many do with light jogs and walk-run-walk ‘the power poles’ to ease my way into this thing called running.  It wasn’t long before that turned into stringing together 10km runs and then up to half marathon distances.  Road turned into gravel which turned into trail and I was hooked.

What I did then notice was the aches and pains associated with increased running.  I took myself off to my physio who himself had gone from ‘non-runner to completing the Rotorua Marathon’.  The take away advice was getting together a dynamic warmup routine, modifying the running style (similar to the POSE running method) and ‘HOKA’ running shoes.  In fact, my physio’s comment was “if you want to be running into your later life…get the style sorted and make sure you are wearing HOKA’s”.

My first pair of HOKA’s were the Stinson ATR models after emailing HOKA One One New Zealand and getting great advice from their Brand Manager, Craig Brain.  WOW, what a difference a pair of shoes make.  All the rough tracks (which as a group running you tried to angle away from and towards the worn-in section) were a breeze!  It was like running on marshmallow and the downhill sections were unreal as you could run faster and have no knee or hip jarring.

My three running partners all converted over and they are hooked.  One of the lads is in his mid-50’s and after a particular challenging 18km run we were finishing off on a road section that is somewhat gentle in its downwards slope of about 2kms.  It was killing his knees, similar to how your hip-flexor can ache after a while on a long run (everyone has experienced this!).  Once out of his previous shoes and into the HOKA’s and he has never had this again, not even on steep declines on the trail.  He is just about to order his second pair after 18 months of good use out of his first.

So my wife, my 13 year-old son and now all of my running mates wear HOKA’s. 

If you are reading this, my take away message for you is this.  The majority of runners run for the shear enjoyment of feeling fit and the euphoric feeling after a run  that caps off being outside and using our body as nature intended.  Like me I am sure you want to keep on doing this well into old age and in order to do so you need a correct running style and shoes that take the jarring off your joints.  The minimalist crowd have their reasons for running around in next to no support and good for them.  For me, I want my tyres fully pumped up and not running on the rims…I will last longer as a result!  Whether you are a road warrior, a trail blazer or like to do both I can assure you that HOKA have a shoe for you.  Give yourself every chance of running long into your retirement years and go with HOKA.

HOKA Stinson ATR – Review

Being a running newbie I consulted with the guys at HOKA One One New Zealand before buying my first pair of shoes.  As I live in Titirangi, right on the doorstep of the Waitakere Ranges my running consisted of a nice mix of trail, forestry roads and tarmac.  I was advised that the best shoe on balance would be the Stinson ATR and they were bang on!  Now onto my second pair and many kilometres behind me I can’t recommend them enough.  The marshmallow-like cushioning makes running over rough gravel a breeze and any decline is never an issue on my knees or hips.  The tread is just right and I have not had any issue with the additional height of the sole.  No rolled ankles, stone bruises or twisted arches.  They last really well and even after 1,000kms the support and cushioning is still there.  The speed laces are superb and make life so much easier.  Will most likely team these up with a pair of the Mafate Speed for next winter so I can explore more of what is on my glorious doorstep. 

-Shaun Nicholson, October 2016

Kinloch Offroad Challenge- Race Report #2

Today we have another winner's insight to race day at the Hoka One One Kinloch Offroad Challenge 2016. This time, from the Half Marathon distance winner Hannah Lawrence. Hannah, wearing the #916 bib was the first female over the line in with an awesome finishing time of 1:39:54. 

The Hoka One One Kinloch Offroad Challenge provides all entrants with a rewarding day out on the trails in a beautiful part of New Zealand. Many enter this event for the stunning scenery and atmosphere alone, but some, like HOKA ONE ONE NZ athlete Hannah Lawrence enter to WIN. Check out her take on this fantastic Run Taupo event!



Hannah's Race Report

The Race

"The Hoka One One Kinloch Off Road Half Marathon was a fantastic event to be a part of. I haven't been to Kinloch before and I although I come from a running background prior to triathlon, I haven't done a lot of trail racing, so it was awesome getting on the trails in a race environment.

The race started on the road, but within 300m we were straight into the trails and the climb. I knew from the course map that we were going up, then doing a loop, then coming back down to the road and the finish. How far up I wasn't sure, but by looking at the size of the cliffs/hills I figured it was going to be a fair climb... And it was!

I got out quick and made sure I was near the front end of the field coming into the trails so I wouldn't be stuck in traffic. I then just settled in for a good solid block of climbing. Being a long course triathlete I actually prefer the hills because I prefer the strength aspect of a race rather then the speed. My coach wanted me to push the hills so I did but I also didn't know how long we were climbing for so held a bit in reserve.

As I hit the turn off for the headland I was by myself, so I started to push the pace. It was awesome being amongst the thick native bush and the amazing views that popped up around a few corners, just to remind me of how high up I was!

The Shoes

I raced in the new Hoka One One Speed Instincts. I got them the Thursday before the race so was only able to do a short jog in them on the Friday. I found them quite a bit more ridged then my Clifton’s on first try, but once I was up in the trails racing the shoes felt awesome! They were super light and responsive so I could get a good leg turn over going in them. They also provided a really good feel of the trail surface. The grip on them was fantastic, they don't look super rugged but they had great traction in the mud so I had the confidence to run through the mud and looser dirt/gravel parts of the trail and around the many downhill switch backs without slowing down or been worried about loosing my footing. The shoes felt light, nimble and flexible, and had just enough cushioning to keep the feet happy!

So with the stunning native bush, the Tuis singing, and the Speed Instincts I was very much in my happy racing place!!

Back To The Race

Once up and over the headland loop it was a very long but fun descent back down the trail and then the last fast km to the finish. My legs felt pretty rough coming off the trail onto the road again, but that would have had a lot to do with the head wind we hit! The last little bridge over the marina was a full on leg and lung burner but it helped being able to see the finish line up ahead. I managed to come in first female, so I was super stoked!

I would definitely come back to do it again next year and I can't wait for my next trail race and adventure in my Speed Instincts! But I may just have to bring my training buddy Hollie (the Kelpie) next time!!"

- Hannah Lawrence


See you all there next year! 

Kinloch Offroad Challenge - RACE REPORT

Last weekend the stunning shores of Lake Taupo hosted the 2016 Hoka One One Kinloch Offroad Challenge. The course takes runners and walkers of all abilities along spectacular trails in and around Kinloch, Taupo. From a pleasant 5km walk to a competitive, hardcore off road marathon, this event has something awesome for everyone! 

HOKA ONE ONE NZ athlete Jo Johansen took out the number one female spot in the marathon distance with an impressive time of 3:29:36. Jo's race report gives you a fantastic race-day insight from not only a competitor's, but a WINNER'S perspective.

Even if you don't run to win like Jo, the 2016 Hoka One One Kinloch Offroad Challenge is for ANYONE who enjoys getting out amongst the beautiful New Zealand outdoors! 



Jo's Race Report

Pre Race

"I was drawn back to this race by the beauty of the course and its super organised team of Total Sport and Hoka One One NZ. I brought a couple of mates with me this time to experience the event- knowing how much they would enjoy the course and the atmosphere.

Driving through the Central Plateau the weather was looking average, but not cold or snowing like the Taupo Marathon! There are so many decisions to make before a race like what shoes to wear? What clothes to wear? Will i take a pack or a hand held?

Like most races, you pack more then expected.

Last year I put on a pair of Hoka Speedgoats straight out of the box (brand new) and ran in them just fine, this shoe was my number 1, and I am still wearing them today! This year, I'm running in my new number 1 Hoka One One shoe, The Speed Instinct. With it's lower profile 3mm drop, the shoe has the perfect balance of cushioning and responsiveness. You can feel the propulsion in the forefoot; feeling fast and close to the ground, and the sponge in the heel offers the cushioning needed.

The shoe was the right choice for the race as we woke up to cloudy conditions with rain over night and no wind. The lugs on the shoes are spaced evenly around the outer sole and not too aggressive (which can cause stiffness). They are super flexible and were perfect for the conditions. I still had the speed goats packed- just in case it ended up raining and I needed that extra-tough grip.

My plan this year was to see how hard i could push myself compared to last year, as well as familiarise myself with part of the Taupo Ultra Marathon course.

The Race

So the race starts off fast as usual, I quickly aim for my target to chase, this year it was Jean Beaumont's brother Michael. We then head out along Whangamata Bay, then onto Kawakawa bay. This is where the excitement starts! The course is far from boring, it's a delight!

We start gradually climbing up and up, along Kawakawa Bay. The hills are easy but flow relentlessly over the course, I don't recall a flat section! The trail is intimate and enclosed then all of a sudden you pop out of the trees and get epic views of the lake and surrounding bush.

Once you reach the top you find it hard to hold back with the downhill section- you just get so much joy at running fast downhill between the trees and soft pumice ground!

Coming into the Whangamata Road aid-station, there are bananas on offer and I catch up with Michael. I then start heading out to the turn around and half way mark. This year it seemed to take ages to get there and i feel like I'm working really hard. Thoughts enter my head about the start of the week and I wonder if those runs were too long with too many hills...

As I see the lead men approaching me from the turn around, the first guy seemed to have a decent gap on second and third. There's something about a turn around point that gives me relief, I like knowing I'm on my way home and that I need to start digging deep. I also get to see how far second and third women are behind me. They are together, I wasn't sure exactly how far behind they were, but when your in the front you're running scared and hoping not to blow up.

I started feeling really good (after stuffing my face with a hand full of jet planes at the turn around aid station). Before I knew it I had Michael insight again and pulled up next to him at the last aid station. The grind back up the hill was starting to take it's toll and I was just so ready to just run downhill. However, the course just kept going up and down. My energy was dying and so were the legs.

By the time the downhill came my legs were nearly over it. Again, thoughts came into my head, wondering if i should of held back earlier in the race...

Descending into the bay you join up with the 5km and 10km course (and it's participants), it gets really busy and a little annoying dodging people, half of them wearing ear phones and not knowing what's coming from behind them!

Finally I pop out of the bush onto a flat grass section. Knowing the finish is just around the corner brings so much relief because I am so done and cooked!

Post Race

Great event! Great day, but felt much harder than last year! Thanks Hoka One One NZ and Total Sport"

- Jo Johansen, HOKA ONE ONE NZ athlete

The HOKA ONE ONE NZ team hopes to see you all there next year! 

March 23, 2016


Running Information Evening - April 13th

All you Christchurch, New Zealand folks, make sure you get along to the Frontrunner - Colombo Running Information Evening on April 13th, it promises to be a great evening!

With that the major city 5km, 10km, 1/2 Marathon and Marathon events are just around the corner.. Are you ready? We want to make sure you are!!


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January 26, 2016


Curly Jacobs to attempt Tarawera Double

It is with great excitement that we can announce that Hoka One One NZ sponsored ultra runner Grant "Curly"Jacobs will be attempting a Tarawera Ultramarathon Double.

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